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Halloween Costumes: Bug-Eyed Bug Costume

Bug-Eyed Bug

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

You and your child will surely see eye-to-eye if you make this outfit for him.


  • 5-inch Styrofoam ball
  • Bright green glitter acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 2 pencils
  • Tacky glue
  • 150 (approximately) 10mm black sequins
  • Black knit hat
  • Double-sided foam mounting tape
  • 2 green pipe cleaners
  • Clear packing tape
  • 9- by 12-inch sheet of white craft foam
  • Black masquerade mask (available at party stores for about $1)
  • 2 (12- by 18-inch) sheets of black craft foam
  • 12- by 18-inch sheet of dark green craft foam
  • 8 (18-inch) pieces of cloth-covered 20-gauge floral wire
  • 5 pieces of iridescent cellophane wrap, at least 15 by 24 inches each
  • 2 large glue sticks
  • Hole punch
  • 3 yards of 1-inch-wide black ribbon
  • Gloves


To Make the Head: Using a serrated bread knife (a parent's job), cut the Styrofoam ball in half. Paint both halves, including the bottoms, and let them dry overnight. Tip: We poked a pencil into the bottom of each to hold while painting, then set each pencil in a heavy glass until the paint dried.

With the tacky glue, attach the sequins to the round portion of each piece of Styrofoam (a great job for kids).

Have your child put on the hat, then attach the eyes with the double-sided tape. Attach the pipe cleaners to the back of the hat with packing tape, then fold over the tips. Have him take off the hat.

Bug-Eyed Bug - Step 4

For the mandible, cut the white craft foam as shown (you can download the template here. Attach the foam to the inside of the mask with double-sided tape.

To Make the Body: Cut a wing from each sheet of black craft foam, then cut a chest plate from green craft foam (download the template for the wing and template for the chest.)

Fold over the tips of the floral wire for safety. With the packing tape, attach the wires to the wings and chest as shown, covering each completely (the wire will allow you to shape the wings and chest plate later on).

Crinkle each piece of cellophane. Use a glue stick to cover the non-wired side of the chest plate with glue and press 1 piece of wrinkled cellophane onto the foam. Trim any excess cellophane and press again. Repeat for both sides of the wings.

Bug-Eyed Bug - Step 8

Once the glue is dry (about 30 minutes), punch holes near the top corners of each foam piece, as shown, at least 1/2 inch in from any edges (to prevent tearing). Thread the ribbon through the wings and chest plate as shown so that the ends of the ribbon come out the underside of the chest plate.

Bug-Eyed Bug - Step 9

To Don the Costume: Slip the wings and chest plate over your child's head. Tighten the ribbon so the corners of the chest plate and wings rest near one another at your child's shoulders and the wings overlap slightly in the back. Cross the ribbon over his chest and then tie the ends together in the back. Put on the mask, hat, and gloves.