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Foldout Booklet | Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids

Foldout Booklet

Small enough to fit in a pocket, this clever keepsake unfolds into an impressive multipage book. Invite your family to fill its pages with the things they're thankful for this year.


  • construction paper
  • scissors (an adult's job)
  • glue stick
  • ribbon (optional)


To make one, first cut construction paper into 6-inch squares (our book used five squares, but yours can be larger or smaller).

Foldout Booklet

Fold each square in half horizontally, unfold it, fold it in half vertically, then unfold it again. Flip the square over, and fold it in half diagonally once. Poke in the corners, as shown.

Line up the squares as shown, alternating which side is up (determine this by looking at the point in the middle of the square). Overlap the neighboring small squares within the larger squares, and join them with a glue stick.

Fold up the book. For a finishing touch, glue a length of ribbon to the back of the book, then wrap the ribbon around the book and tie it closed.


Make a short book for each Thanksgiving guest, omitting the ribbon ties. After each person writes notes of gratitude (leaving the end squares blank), join the books together to make one big thank-you.