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Easter Craft: Bunny Basket

Bunny Basket

Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

This irresistible Easter basket will surely be at your child's side long after the egg hunt is over.


  • Empty half-gallon cylindrical ice-cream container
  • Fake fur or plush felt
  • Cardboard or poster board
  • 2 large googly eyes
  • 3 large pom-poms for cheeks and tail
  • 1 small pom-pom for nose
  • Embroidery floss for whiskers
  • Glue
  • Rubber bands
  • Hole punch
  • 2 brass paper fasteners


Bunny Bucket - Step 1

1. Click here to download printable bunny basket instructions and patterns.

Bunny Bucket - Step 2

2. Glue a piece of fake fur or plush felt around the outside of an empty half-gallon cylindrical ice-cream container, leaving some extra material at the top and the bottom. Fold over and glue down the excess. You can also line the inside bottom of the container with fur, if you like.

3. For the rabbit's face: Cut a head shape with ears from cardboard or poster board and glue it between two matching fur or felt head shapes, fuzzy sides out. Glue two long pink felt ovals onto the ears, then glue the head to the bucket, using rubber bands to hold it in place until the glue has dried.

4. For each foot: Glue a cardboard or poster board foot shape between two matching fur or felt shapes. Glue two pink felt ovals to the bottoms of the feet, then glue the feet to the bottom of the bucket. Cut a circle of the fur or felt to cover the bottom of the bucket and glue it on.

5. For a handle: Glue a strip of cardboard between two matching strips of fur or felt. Use a hole punch to make a hole at each end of the handle and on each side of the bucket, then attach the handle to the bucket with two brass paper fasteners.

6. Finally, glue on two large googly eyes, two large pom-poms for cheeks, a small pom-pom nose, embroidery floss whiskers, and a large pom-pom tail, and your bunny is ready for some egg-hunt action.