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Cupboard Door Decor | All Animal Crafts

Cupboard Door Decor

Get a handle on your holiday decorating routine this ear by turning your cupboard and dresser drawer knobs into festive symbols. All you need is a few craft-store supplies and, of course, a little help from your kids.



  • Foam sheets, such as Foamies (sold at most craft stores)
  • Craft knife
  • Colored markers


  • Felt
  • Metal key ring
  • Brass paper fastener
  • Sticker stars or glue


Cupboard Door Decor - Step 1 (Star)

Star: Cut out a star from the foam sheets, then cut an asterisk-shaped opening in the center. Then accent the edge of the star with colored marker (gold or silver looks especially nice).

Cupboard Door Decor - Step 2 (Reindeer)

Reindeer: Glue foam antlers and eyes on a cut-out foam deer head, then use markers to draw on pupils and a mouth. Cut an asterisk-shaped opening where the nose should go. Slip the heat onto a cabinet or dresser knob. Then use double-sided tape to stick a red circle onto the knob.

Cupboard Door Decor - Step 3 (Santa)

Santa: From white foam, cut out a large teardrop-shaped face with a circle at the top. Cut an asterisk-shaped opening in the center where a nose should be. With colored markers, draw on a Santa's hat and facial features, then give Santa a nose by slipping the cutout onto a cabinet knob.

Candy Cane: Trim a sheet of white foam into candy cane shapes and then draw on stripes with a broad-tipped red marker.

Cupboard Door Decor - Step 5 (Tree)

Tree: From felt, cut out a Christmas tree shape with a tall, exaggerated top. Insert the top through a large key ring and then fold it over onto the tree. Secure the overlap to the tree with a brass paper fastener (this doubles as a treetop decoration). Decorate the tree with sticker stars or glued-on felt balls.