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Craft: Celestial Mobile

Craft: Celestial Mobile

The fun continues way after dark with this illuminating craft.


  • Glow in the Dark Sculpey III
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie cutters, butter knife
  • Paper clips (some standard-size, some jumbo-size)
  • Tinfoil
  • String or fishing line


Knead the clay and roll it out to a thickness just 1/8 inch.

For each star or moon, use a cookie cutter to cut out 2 of each shape.

Open a paper clip to an S shape and press it onto a star or moon, placing a bigger loop at the top of the shape. Be sure that the top of the larger loop and the hooked end of the smaller loop extend beyond the edges of the clay.

Celestial Mobile

Press a second star or moon onto the first, tightly sandwiching them together.

Celestial Mobile

To turn your stars into 3-D shapes, roll out more clay to 1/4-inch thickness, cut star shapes with cookie cutters, and use the butter knife to divide each star in two. Press one half onto each side of a star sandwich as shown.

Bake the sculpture on a tinfoil-lined tray according to the package directions. (Because they're so thin, you'll want to check on them early, after 8 minutes or so). For the 3-D stars, form a mound of tinfoil around the bottom of each paper clip to keep the shapes upright during baking.

When they have cooled, string the shapes together by hooking the top loop of each paper clip onto the bottom hook of another. Hang your string of stars and moons from the ceiling with string or fishing line.