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Cosmic Crafts: Trash Tram

Cosmic Crafts: Trash Tram

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Kids can haul loads up and down in this berry basket elevator.


  • 1 plastic berry basket
  • 2 strands of silver cord (one 2 feet
  • long, one 4 feet long)
  • 1 plastic key chain clip
  • 3 plastic clothes hanger clips


Cross the cords over the bottom of the basket, weave each strand up one side, and knot, as shown. One end should extend about two feet past the knot. Tie the key chain clip to the end, as shown.

Thread the long strand through two pulleys made from clips attached to the top shelf (a thin piece of cardboard under each clip will protect the bookcase surface). Use the green key chain clip to anchor the tram to a clip on the side.

Waste Shooter: Got a truck-bound pile of trash on the roof? Whiz it down the Waste Shooter - a cardboard wrapping paper tube covered with aluminum foil and affixed to a clothes hanger clip with a pipe cleaner or twist ties.