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Cosmic Crafts: The Trash Masters

Cosmic Crafts: The Trash Masters

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Your kids will love creating and playing with these miniature action figures. To create the green illuminater, slide the cut-off bottle bottom from the Two-liter Transporter over a battery-operated touch lamp (available at drug and discount stores).

To make a space-case backpack, tape a pair of twist-tie straps to the back of a dental floss container.


  • Face: trimmed from a photograph or magazine
  • Head: 1 small, clear gumball-machine bubble
  • Neck: 1 paper fastener
  • Body: 1 small plastic container, such as a rectangular mint box, a film canister, a food coloring bottle, or an empty pill bottle
  • Limbs: 2 pipe cleaners
  • Tools: pencil, scissors, pushpin, colored electrical tape


  1. Head: To get the right face size, trace your bubble head cap. Cut out the face and place it inside the head. Perforate the cap of the bubble and the cap of the body and use a paper fastener to attach them.
  2. Limbs: Perforate the body and thread pipe cleaners through four holes. If the plastic is impenetrable, tape the pipe cleaners to the sides of the body.
  3. The Trash Masters wear recycling ID badges (stickers with symbols drawn in marker). Their chairs? Trimmed shaving cream can caps attached to soda or water bottle caps with pipe cleaners.