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Clamshell Candy Chain

Clamshell Candy Chain

Hallie Lowe of Cedar Park, Texas, sweetens her home's front entry with a string of super-sized treats, cleverly constructed from take-out containers.


  • clear clamshell-style take-out food boxes
  • colorful cellophane wrap (available at craft stores)
  • clear tape
  • 12- to 18-inch lengths of ribbon
  • floral wire
  • evergreen garland
  • tiny white lights (optional)


To make the garland, gather clear clamshell-style food boxes in different shapes.

For each candy, cut a generous piece of colorful cellophane wrap (available at craft stores), place the container at its center, and wrap it using clear tape. Twist the wrap on either side, tape it to secure it, and tie on 12- to 18-inch lengths of ribbon.

Use short lengths of floral wire to attach the candy to an evergreen garland (if you like, add tiny white lights). Hang the garland with hardware appropriate for your door frame.