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Cheery Cupcake Wrapper Wreath | Homemade Christmas Wreaths

Cheery Cupcake Wrapper Wreath

Make your holidays a little sweeter with this festive project.


  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Mini cupcake wrappers
  • White glue or a glue stick
  • Gitter glue
  • Ribbon


Cheery Cupcake Wrapper Wreath Step 1

Cut out the center of a paper plate (we traced around a CD). Then create flowers by folding some of the cupcake wrappers in half three or four times and snipping a V shape from the top.

Cover the rim of the plate with white glue (a glue stick also works well), then have your toddler decorate it with cupcake wrappers and flowers as shown.

Add glitter glue centers to the flowers and a bow. To hang the wreath, tape a loop of ribbon to the back.