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Carrot Patch Cookies Recipe

Carrot Patch Cookies Recipe

A crop of these tiny treats will add whimsy to any Easter or springtime celebration.


Orange Mike and Ike candies

Green gummy candy (we used Rips licorice pieces, which are flat)

Nabisco Biscos sugar wafer cookies

Chocolate frosting

Chocolate wafer cookie crumbs


To make each carrot, cut a slit in one end of a Mike and Ike candy with a sharp knife (an adult's job). Cut a small triangle from the green gummy candy (if needed, roll it flat), then fringe the base to form leaves. Tuck the triangle into the slit of the Mike and Ike and pinch it closed.

For each carrot planter, place a wafer cookie base on a flat surface. Form the longer walls from two whole cookies and cut a third one to fit the shorter ends. Attach the pieces with frosting.

To fill four planters, combine 2 tablespoons frosting with 2 tablespoons cookie crumbs. Fill each box with the mixture, then press three candy carrots inside. If needed, add more of the frosting mixture to hold the carrots in place.


We used Biscos because they're smaller than many other brands. If you use a larger cookie, increase the amount of frosting and cookie crumbs.