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Beautiful Bottle Prints

Beautiful Bottle Prints

2 years and up

With this simple technique, your little artist can put his own stamp on holiday gifts for family and friends.


  • Acrylic or fabric paint
  • Disposable plates
  • Paintbrush
  • Small plastic bottles (we like Aquapods and 1-liter Polar Seltzer bottles), partially filled with water, and the caps on
  • Scrap paper
  • Item to be stamped (see suggestions below)


To start, pour a thin layer of paint onto a plate; use a separate plate for each color. Smooth the paint with the paintbrush, then have your child press the bottom of a bottle into the paint and practice printing on a piece of scrap paper. You may need to help him press the bottle down to get a defined print.

Once he gets the hang of it, have him print designs on the object he wants to decorate (put a piece of cardboard or thick paper inside anything made of cloth to prevent the paint from bleeding through). Then with his fingertip or the top of a bottle cap, he can make the flower centers. Let the paint dry completely.


Wrapping Paper: Lay a long strip of craft paper on a table and have your child make prints with acrylic paint.

Canvas Tote: Use fabric paint to make your prints, then follow the manufacturer's directions for setting the paint.

Lavender Sachets: With fabric paint, create designs on small cloth bags, such as tea or bouquet garni bags (available online and at kitchen or natural food stores). Set the paint according to the manufacturer's directions, then fill each bag with a tablespoon of dried lavender.


For easier dipping and more defined prints, use a brush to smooth the paint on the plate after every few stamps.