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Art Drying Gallery | Cardboard Furniture & Structure Crafts

Art Drying Gallery

Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

No doubt your budding artists turn out some impressive paintings. This homemade drying station features a box base that's perfectly placed to catch any stray drips from freshly finished artwork.


  • Sheet of cardboard (33 by 60 inches)
  • Cardboard box (18 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 15 inches deep) (If you don't have what you need at home, you can pick up these supplies at your local UPS store for about $15.)
  • Tape
  • 2 plastic gallon jugs
  • Water or sand
  • Colored duct tape
  • Thin cord
  • 4 clothespins


Step 1 - Art Drying Gallery

Cut 1/4-inch-wide slots in the center of the box sides and then tape the rear cover flap in place, as shown. Fill 2 plastic gallon jugs with water or sand and place them under the flap to weight the box.

For greater durability, cover the edges of the cardboard sheet with colored duct tape. Then cut 1/4-inch-wide notches in the sides and slots in the bottom as specified.

Thread a 2 1/2-yard-long thin cord through the centers of 4 clothespins. Loop the cord around the cardboard, fitting it into the top pair of notches and tying together the ends on the back. Likewise, attach a second cord in line with the lower side notches.

Line up the bottom slots in the cardboard sheet with those in the box and gently but firmly push it all the way down to lock together the two pieces.