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Western Sydney Hotels: What makes a good hotel?

Western Sydney Hotels: What makes a good hotel?

Every traveller’s fetish is a good hotel. Hotels are the one of the best part of each travel. A bad hotel experience can create bad memories for anyone. Choosing the best hotel when you visit Western Sydney Hotels is important if you want to create memories that you would never want to forget. But what is a good hotel and how can you spot one? Here are some tips on how you can spot a good deal and how you can dodge those that can give you a nightmare:


It’s important to stay in a place that’s close to where you need to be, whatever that might be. Staying in a hotel that’s far from the best sights in Sydney can be a nightmare. The hotel that you choose should be close to the destination that you want to see. It can also help if it’s near the police station or hospital in case of any emergency.

The best staff

Of course, the next thing that you should look out for is the quality of the staff. Are the staff friendly and warm? Do they always help you when you need help? Are they accommodating and friendly? Having the best staff means that you are in for a total treat since these people can give you the tender loving care that you will be needing for the whole trip. Read reviews online and see if the quality of staff that the hotel has.

Good, Free Wifi

It’s hard not to be connected nowadays. That’s why it’s important to have good, free wifi in your room or in the hotel in case you need to call someone or you need to upload those fun Instagram you just took. Everyone complains about paying for wifi at hotels. It is also an open secret that you are more likely to find free wifi at cheaper hotels than you will at higher end hotels. The biggest problem in most hotels is that the speeds slow down dramatically in the evening when everyone is in their rooms surfing. Most hotels don’t have enough bandwidth to service all their guests at the same time. This is not a problem if the wifi is free but if you actually paid for the wifi then this is bad. Ask for the wifi bandwidth before you pay for it and make a mistake.

The amenities

Of course you’re going to choose the hotel because you love the amenities that they offer. Whether it’s a Jacuzzi, a huge pool, your room’s very own bath tub, and if there’s a beach nearby etc. The little details also matter a lot. Big, fluffy, fresh, white, hotel towels. Nothing makes you feel more special than wrapping one of those bad boys around you or, if you’re really lucky, a bathrobe and some little slippers. The fluffy pillows, the gorgeous architecture. These little things actually matter when you want a full blown experience.

Bar and restaurant

The quality of the bar and restaurant are also very important. You would want to have a nice time without worrying where you can eat and drink. The drinks and the atmosphere of the bar is vital if you are the type who loves lounging around in bars and sipping alcoholic things. If you have kids, it’s crucial to find out if the restaurant is family friendly where you can bring your kids and let them have a great time. Before choosing the hotel, make sure that you have seen their menu and drinks. If breakfast buffet matters to you then ask them if they have one.