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The best places to visit in the Philippines: a travel guide

The best places to visit in the Philippines: a travel guide

The island country of the Philippines is one of the best travel spots if you’re looking for a summer holiday. With scenic locales, delicious food and friendly people, Philippine travel hits the right spot. Here are a few of the best travel destinations in the Philippines.


The premier city of the south, Cebu is a bustling metropolis that can not only serve as a starting point for exploring the Philippines but is also a worthy destination itself. Cebu is buzzing with historical monuments such as Magellan’s Cross, while also playing host to modern shopping malls. Cebu is home to arguably the best roast pork in the country and boasts of a multitude of places to dine as well. South of Cebu lie several beautiful shorelines, and diving enthusiasts will surely relish the chance to dive in the waters and meet the friendly Whale Sharks of Oslob


The northern island of Batanes features some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Philippines. Dubbed by some as a slice of heaven on earth, Batanes is a joy to explore, with its rolling hills, cliffs, canyons, and shores. Batanes also features several historic stone houses.


For culture and history buffs alike, nothing beats a visit to Vigan. The city is a UNESCO Heritage site and gives a look at the country’s colonial past. Visit several Spanish-style houses and take a look at Saint Paul’s Cathedral, an Augustinian cathedral built in 1790 in the Baroque style. Travelers can also sample traditional cuisine in many restaurants that dot the city.


Many call Coron the most beautiful place in the Philippines, and when you actually do visit the place, it becomes hard to argue against it. The picture-perfect scenery boasts of clear blue waters, pristine beaches, grand limestone cliffs, and colorful coral reefs, Coron is an explorer’s and diver’s paradise.


A bit off the beaten path, Bontoc has been largely overshadowed by its more prominent neighbors, Banaue and Sagada. Slowly but surely, however, more travelers are experiencing the landscapes of Bontoc. With beautiful mountains like Mount Fato and Mount Kupapey and a view of the Maligcong Rice Terraces, Bontoc is always a joy to visit and explore.

Tubbataha reefs national park

An aquatic paradise, Tubbataha Reef is a protected national park that you should definitely visit, especially if you’re into scuba diving. One of the best dive sites in the world, the park hosts a colorful coral reef that is home to sea turtles, colorful tropical fish, sharks, and manta rays. The park also serves as a bird sanctuary, if you would rather go bird-watching instead.