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Some Amazing Preparations of Paneer

 Paneer is one of the common ingredients in most of the households. Vegetarian people love to taste different preparations made with paneer. From beginner to the experienced cook, everyone can make several dishes with paneer.

The preparations of paneer can be made in different ways – with gravy or without gravy. It makes a great combination with several vegetables like potatoes, peas, spinach, capsicum, or even with mushroom.

Some Amazing Preparations of Paneer

You can either purchase readymade cottage cheese from a nearby market or you can also make paneer at your kitchen, however, it is better to prepare paneer at home because it is cheaper as well as more hygienic.

Homemade paneer is better and softer than the purchased one. Traditional paneer dishes are frequently prepared for various celebratory or festive occasions. Maybe you already know about several paneer dishes but for your convenience, some very popular among them are discussed below:

Paneer Butter Masala: It is a simple, quick, and very scrumptious preparation made with paneer. You can make this recipe in a small duration and surprise your family a great restaurant style paneer butter masala.

The gravy of paneer butter masala is prepared with tomato puree along with regular Indian spices and herbs. This gravy is made with tomato, butter, and cashew and this popular gravy is called the makhani gravy.

Several recipes can be prepared using this makhani gravy as a base. Some other restaurant style delicious preparations are mushroom butter masala, kaju butter masala, veg makhanwala, and matar mushroom makhani. Vegans can prepare the same recipe using tofu and vegan butter or oil in place of paneer.

Paneer butter masala goes well with chapatis, naan, tandoori rotis, lachha paratha, and pudina paratha. You can also serve it with steamed basmati rice, garam masala rice, saffron rice, jeera rice, and ghee rice.

Palak Paneer: It is one of the most favourite paneer dishes to a large number of people. It is basically a smooth spinach curry accompanied with soft cottage cheese or paneer. If you follow the procedure of blanching spinach, then you will get an amazing green colour.

Some other similar recipes comprising paneer and greens are saag paneer, palak paneer bhurji, palak paneer kathi rolls, methi malai paneer, etc.

Kadai Paneer Gravy: It is a scrumptious, tangy, and slightly spicy paneer preparation. Kadai Paneer Gravy is among the most simple-to-prepare yet delicious paneer preparation.

The curry or gravy of kadai paneer is tangy due to the tomatoes. If you want to balance the tang, then you can add some cream at the last phase. You should use fresh ripe and red tomatoes in this preparation. Don’t use sour tomatoes. The preparation is a bit spicy. You can reduce the red chillies’ quantity in case you don’t prefer the spiciness.

Paneer Tikka: It is a delicious and well-known tandoori snack - you can easily prepare in your kitchen. Paneer tikka is dry but paneer tikka masala is a gravy-based preparation. You can serve this preparation with mint chutney.

For more recipes on paneer, you can search different recipe websites.