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Less known facts about cheese

Less known facts about cheese

The cheese is a milk product that is produced in number of varieties. They are different in their styles, textures and flavors. From pasteurization, butterfat content, processing and ageing affect the quality and the nature of the cheese. Cottage cheese  or normal cheese is fresh curd cheese in which whey is drained but the curd is not pressed. This leaves some of whey in it. Other types of cheeses also drain the whey but follow few additional processes too, like heating the curd under high temperature or pressing it to make it harder and allowing it to ‘age’ under normal conditions. Here are some of differences between cottage cheese and other ones.

Difference between cottage cheese and cheddar cheese:

The fundamental difference between both is that the cottage cheese is a soft cheese curd product and cheddar cheese is a hard, yellowish-white cheese.  The cottage is actually a healthy option, and people on a diet like it. Cheddar should be avoided as it may rise the calorie intake like nothing else. Cottage cheese contains more amount of casein protein as compared to cheddar cheese, and recommended during the times of pregnancy. This is the regular ‘paneer’ we have in our households.   

Difference between cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese:

Mozzarella cheese came originally from Italy, and known for  softer texture than most other cheeses, except cottage cheese. Sold in cubes, and is a little bit chewy. Cottage cheese is runny and softer. In terms of health benefits mozzarella cheese is the best because of its anti-oxidative properties, reduces blood pressure, helps in absorption of calcium and vitamin B. However, one needs to be careful as it generally comes with a lot of preservatives as it very small life span. If you are have home then it’s okay.

Difference between cottage cheese and parmesan:

The  parmesan cheese has a long life span, and is stored for many months for ageing. This gives it a harder texture than other cheeses. It is not to be consumed in large quantities as it may lead to diarrhea, and should be had only in moderation. The cheese is therefore mostly used as topping in salads and spaghetti, unlike the cottage cheese that has a mild salty taste and is used as a main ingredient in several Indian dishes. So, all you foodies out there, go and enjoy your favorite cheese products as per your likeness.