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How to Spend a Good Day in Australia: Australia Bucketlist

How to Spend a Good Day in Australia: Australia Bucketlist

When you think about Australia, you say it’s brilliant, it’s beautiful and it is absolutely huge. All the reason why you need to make sure you make a good Australia bucket list to make the most out of your visit.

Sydney is Australia largest and most cosmopolitan city. It has the most of the picture perfect places and landmarks in the world. And they also have a wonderland of national parks, foresty mountain, and historic riverside towns. No wonder why people are not just in awe bu in love with Australia.

Just think of the sun-lazed beaches stretch and the glittering views of an impressive skyline of the city during the sunset. That is why when you happen to visit Australia, it is better to pack with you an itinerary and your camera and loads of energy to have fun!

Today, let this blog post be of guide on how you can better make the most of Australia. Here’s a bucket list of places to visit and things do and of course that includes visiting a crafty sports bar in Australia.

Things to Do in Australia

Australia is definitely the place for fun and adventure. But not just that, it is also a place for people who want to take a taste of Australia— its city, its people, its tradition and its food.

Here are a few top things that will help you on your visit to Australia.

1. Drive the great ocean road

First? Road trip! The Great Ocean Road lets you enjoy a 151 mile stretch of the beach, it also has a magnificent and a picture perfect view that lets you not want to leave Australia. The view is so great too that it lets you relax, its definitely a perfect place to calm down after a good plane flight.

2. Graffiti Alleys

If there’s one thing you didn't know about Australia is that it has the best street art in the world. If you are side tripping on the streets of Melbourne then it is better to pay a good visit in the graffiti alleys where it shows off a world-class, colorful and jaw-dropping talent and art— definitely magnificent! Plus it is also Instagram worthy!

3. Learn to surf and scuba dive

If you are going to go on ocean road tripping, then it is most likely that it would be more fun if you’re going to go out and dive, and learn to surf too!

There are sure plenty of different places and ways to learn to surf, you can hire your own board, or go to an accreditied surf school with instructors. The same thing goes with scuba diving too!

4. Visit Harbourtown Australia and Dine

Aside from the cityscape, sunset and the amazing stretch of the ocean view, you would not dare to leave the city without dropping for good food to eat and cocktails to drink. This is what Australia is known for. Right at the Harbourtwon Australia new restaurant lies a crafty sports bar that’s perfect to make sure you do have a great time around the city. Is it the best and unique restaurant and bar around the city that you’ll ever find! It offers great food, place, and music!