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How to make almond milk at home

How to make almond milk at home

Ingredients (240 ml cup used)

  • 1 cup of almonds or blanched almonds
  • 3 cups of boiled water and cooled completely to room temperature for blending
  • Additional water as needed for soaking (use boiled and cooled water)


  • A heavy duty mixer grinder or a blender
  • Fine strainer (I use a coffee filter) not a cheese cloth

How to make the recipe

How to make almond milk

  1. Wash and soak almonds in water (at room temperature) for at least 6 hrs. Refrigerate them while they soak.
  2. After they are soaked well, remove the skin, wash and drain water.
  3. From 3 cups water, add little by little and blend smoothly. Very smoothly. Use up the entire water at the end and blend.
  4. Using the filter, strain the milk to a clean and dry utensil or bowl. Use a spoon to stir the thick milk while you filter. You can use the left over coarse paste for some curry or smoothies. Refer the pic I was left with hardly ½ tsp paste for 1 cup of almonds. But if your blender cannot grind it smooth or if you use a cheese cloth to filter, you might be left with more coarse paste.

Storing raw almond milk

  1. I did not freeze this milk as iam sure the texture and taste will change. If you wish you can try. I used glass bottles whatever I had in my kitchen. Olive oil bottles, baby juice bottles etc. I had washed with mild soap and vinegar. Thoroughly rinsed them. Dried them completely. Pour the milk and close the lid. You can store them in separate tiny bottles for each serving, this way they keep good as well.

How to use almond milk

  1. If you are a raw food lover, can drink it up as it is after stirring in some sweetener.
  2. You can mix ½ cup of raw almond milk with half a cup of hot cow’s milk. Stir in the sweetener and consume.
  3. Pour it over your favorite cereals and enjoy or can use even for your curries.
  4. Use half a cup of raw almond milk with half a cup of cow’s milk and Make kesar badam milk.


Serving size

Though i'm not an expert, I will share what is an ideal serving size according to me. ½ a cup of the above made almond milk makes a single serving for kids above 4 yrs, you can dilute it with water or milk to make it 1 cup. This ½ cup of milk consist app 9 t0 10 almonds. For younger children reduce the serving size to whatever quantity you think is appropriate.


I have soaked the almonds to get smoother milk; you can use the blanched nuts directly for blending as well, but there would be more coarse granules left out in the filter.

I have made this using boiled and cooled water for a better shelf life. The results of shelf life might vary if you use regular water.