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Best places to visit in Mexico: travel guide

Best places to visit in Mexico: travel guide

Travel To Mexico

Traveling to Mexico gives you a lot of options. You can visit destinations on the beach, explore mountains or go sightseeing in Mexico City. Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are in the top ten destinations for family travel. The Caribbean and Riviera Maya are top attractions. Cancun and Cozumel offers snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing for its visitors. There are many attractions and places to visit when planning your trip to Mexico. Major destinations in the state include Acapulco, Los Cabos, Mazatlan, Cancun and Cozumel. Most of the tourist industry in the state is focused on beach resorts. The climate in beach cities is subtropical and offers lots of blue skies and sunny days.

Mexico City

This capital city offers a wide variety of activities for visitors. Although it is not a beach destination, the city has a lot of nightlife, restaurants and sightseeing opportunities. Alameda Central Park is a great place to unwind while on a tour of nearby historical buildings. Avenida Michoacan is the best place to find hip cafes, boutiques and restaurants. Take a day trip to Xochimilco where you can explore ancient ruins. Boats travel up and down the rivers and sell food. You can take your own food and drink if you want to bypass the food vendors.


The city of Cozumel has a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. You will find world-class hotels, shopping, golf, entertaining and water activities. Local attractions include visiting the Cozumel Pearl Farm where you can learn all about the Farm while relaxing on the beach. You will learn about the process of pearl farming from the owners. Cozumel is best known for its fantastic snorkeling experience. There are hundreds of shallow dives where people of all ages can snorkel and see a variety of marine life such as sharks, moray eel and barracuda. Consider renting a Jeep and explore the sand dunes at the end of the island. Shopping is a fantastic experience and is duty-free. Prepare to haggle the prices while shopping.


Cancun is a popular tourist destination for Spring Breakers. Many hotels in the hotel district fill up with travelers from around the world throughout the year. Cancun has mild weather year round since its climate is subtropical. You can visit Cozumel while in Cancun by taking the local ferry for the 30 minute tripe. Scuba diving is popular in Cancun as well as the nightlife. Expect to wait in line at popular nightclubs or arrive early. Subway surfing or hopping here is a common activity for curious tourists! You will find many well-known American restaurants in the hotel district. There is also a shopping mall where you can find a wide variety of name-brand clothing items.

Puerto Vallarta

You will find this unique beach destination located near the Sierra Madre Mountains. The city offers more than 40 miles of scenic coastline where you can find a wide variety of activities. The mountains provide a scenic backdrop that makes this a popular destination for world travelers. There are numerous hotels, shopping malls, nightclubs and water activities available. Snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing are popular activities in the area. Public transportation like the subway or buses gives you access to explore quaint villages where you will find authentic taco stands. Cobblestone streets make this city a unique one to explore.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a unique city nestled along the Caribbean Sea and offers a wide variety of activities such as duty-free shopping, watersports, nightlife and luxurious hotels. You will find a wide variety of restaurants that feature cuisine from all over the world including authentic Mexican foods. Some restaurants in the city offer swimming pools inside where you can take a dip if you get too hot. The weather during the summer months is hot and humid but all hotels offer air conditioning and swimming pools. Prepare to haggle with merchants as you buy merchandise at below American prices. You will find name-brand clothing, swimwear and beach gear in the local shops. Locals offer hair braiding services on the beach for a fraction of the cost at your hotel. Prepare to spend a lot of time in the water since it is crystal clear and beautiful. You can relax on the beach while sipping mixed drinks.