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Basketball Cupcakes Recipe

Basketball Cupcakes Recipe

Score big with resident hoop fans by making a batch of these tournament-time treats.


  • Mini white cupcakes (ours is 1 inch tall)
  • White frosting
  • Orange decorators' gel
  • Sugar cookies (ours is 3 inches in diameter)
  • Mini basketball chocolates (available at candy stores or online at


For each basket, trim the cupcake flush with the wrapper's edges, if needed. Frost the cupcake and pipe a ring of decorators' gel around the edge.

For the backboard, frost half of a cookie, then add decorators' gel details. Keeping the cookie flat, dab frosting where the basket will go and gently press the cupcake in place.

Use another dab of frosting to secure a chocolate basketball. Let the treats set for at least a half hour before standing them up.