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A Face massage at home...

A good face massage is often an ideal way to relax, improve blood circulation & give your face an instant glow... But with our present hectic schedule, we hardly get the time to take some time off every month & let ourself be pampered at the salon..At times like these, a self massage is ideal.

A Face massage at home...

The following facial massage could be done as a part of your home facial complete with face packs etc (to follow soon) or simply follow the following steps.

Benefits of a good face massage:

- A good facial massage promotes relaxation & reduces stress.

- It improves blood circulation & gives you a glowing skin.

- It delays the onset of wrinkles by tightening facial muscles.

- It overcomes puffiness of face.

- Regular face massage tightens loose skin under chin area (double chin).

How often do I do a facial massage?

 You could give yourself a facial massage atleast once a month or once every 15 days. The ideal duration is about 10 mins.

You will need:

- A face cream suiting your skin type. You could apply a massage cream or cleansing milk depending on your skin.

- A clean face towel.

- Clean water - cold (room temp) and warm

Steps for a facial massage:

The steps may seem too long but once you know in what direction you are required to massage different parts of your face, it will be very easy:

- Step 1 : Tie your hair back, away from your face. Wash your face clean of all traces of make up or any cream you had applied. Then dab your face and neck with few drops warm  water to moisten the skin so as to make it easier to blend in the cream.

- Step 2 : Take the cream you have opted for. Apply cream all over face & neck. You could dot the cream all over your face & then join the dots!!  Then apply a little of the same cream on your palms & sprinkle warm water on your palms. Now begin to massage your face & neac as follows.

1. Begin with you jaws: Using circular motions, massage the jaw area with your fingertips. Move your fingers from under the jaw outwards to the ear.

2. Massage below your lower lips: Use sizzler`s movement. With both forefingers and move from point near your ears to the center of the chin area as shown below:

This to be done below lower lips only. 

With your index and middle fingers gently knead the chin below your lips up to your cheeks.

3. Massage your upper lip area and sides of lips with circular motions.

4. Massage forehead: Use upward strokes. Begin from your eyebrows and move upwards till the hairline. This movement helps to relieve tension. 

Next move on to `V` shaped movement over your forehead like this.

Now massage temples with circular movement.

A Face massage at home...

5. Massage below the hairline: Keep your one hand over forehead leaving just little space below hairline to massage. Now with the index finger of the other hand massage from one area to the other with fast movements.

6. Massage your nose: Massage upwards and downwards over your nose with two index fingers.

A Face massage at home...

7. Massage cheeks: With upward circular  motions, use your index and middle fingers to massage your cheeks.

8. Massage eye area: With middle finger of bot hands, gently smooth over the brow bone to the outside of the eyes.

With your ring finger massage under eye with circular movement without applying too much pressure. Start from the bridge of the nose and move outwards.

With the little fingers press around the outside of the eyes particularly were there are fine lines. Press for a second or two and then release immediately.

9. Massage your neck: Massage with upward circular movements.

10. Massage the ears: Gently massage the ears between your thumb and other fingers. Start at the earlobe and move in circular movement to the top of the ear.

Pull the ears gently. Again start the earlobe and move to the top of the ear.

11. Finally finish off  by rubbing your palms against each other to warm them and then cup your hands over your eyes and hold for few seconds.

Wash face thoroughly with moist cotton.

Points to remember :

- Massage should be avoided in case of inflammed or sensitive skin.

- Never massage face without the use of any oils or creams.

- It should not be done frequently. Once or twice a month is sufficient.

- Massage should be done only with upward or outward movements of your fingers. Never use downward strokes.

Posted by Prathima Rao