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3-D Rocket Cake

3-D Rocket Cake

This Great Cake Contest entry was submitted by noahngabesmom from brooklyn, Connecticut: This is a really cool and super easy rocket cake that actually stands up!

What you'll need

  • 2 batches of your favorite cake recipe (or mix)
  • 2 batches of your favorite pound cake recipe (or mix)
  • white decorating icing
  • food coloring
  • football cake pan
  • # 8 star tip ( buy one for each color icing)
  • disposable pastry bags

How to make it

Make 1 of each, cake and pound cake recipe and mix together. pour into a football shaped cake pan until 3/4 full. pour remaining into a 6" cake pan. and bake according to directions. after cake cools ( or if you have 2 football pans) repeat, but use remaining batter after football pan is filled to make cupcakes to store and eat later.

Place footballs flat side down on a large cutting board and cut each on one end along the top of the band imprinted on it from the pan. turn one over and spread icing on it ( no need to worry about crumbs) and top with the other one, making sure both flat edges line up. stand up on serving plate.

Cut 6" cake in quarters, place one piece on the left of "footballs" and one on the right with the round edge facing out. secure with icing.

Mix food coloring into icing to make colors to match the theme of your party (I used green, yellow, red and blue). place star tip in pastry bags and cut off just enough of bag so tip of tip just pokes out. then fill one bag with each color.

Squeeze the bag and drag the tip to draw the number you want on cake and where you want it, you can wipe off and try again until it looks right. then go over it by making little stars. fill in the rest of the cake using rows of stars in the colors you want. now use red frosting to make "flames" like rocket is taking off. just squeeze the bag a little longer than making a star and pull out. ENJOY!"