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Why Every our Blogger Post must have 'Jump Link'

Jump link or Jump break or page break in our blogger blog post rendered as 'Read More' links button, displayed in the editor as <!--more--> can make our full post divide, it will only show the first part of the post before we give a 'Jump Links'

Why Every our Blogger Post must have 'Jump Link'

Even though our post only has a few words, it must have a 'Jump Break', and this is why:

The most problem if we don't give 'Jump Break' is our Blogger blog not Showing Correct Number of Posts per Page in our main page or search.

With "Number of posts on main page" setting in our blog, we can configure how many posts should be displayed per page. But sometimes Blogger only showing very few posts per page, break the rule of that setting.

Blogger has introduced a mechanism called "auto pagination" to reduce the loading time of its blogs. This mechanism is to show less Blogger entries per page if it detects that the page is heavy to load or the page size exceeds 1MB. But sometimes this mechanism will confuse if he found the post does not have 'Jump Break'. As a result, we have wrong numbered post displayed on our main page.

Learn more about Auto Pagination from Google Blog.