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Some specialties from the Thai cuisinesome specialties from the Thai cuisine

Being a food maniac isn’t very easy a task. You have the inherent tendency of trying out new dishes. Food is something that keeps everyone going especially if you get to have new cuisines every now and then nothing better than that. You might have a day without any space of doing anything else but you will always find time out for food.

Some specialties from the Thai cuisinesome specialties from the Thai cuisine

Talking of different cuisines reminds of the land of Thailand. With the aromatic flavours they have in their dishes surely compliments the food and the time. They are bold and spicy yet has all the perfect blend of sweet, sour, tangy and spicy, which makes the plate all the more exciting.

If you love cooking then it is a good news for you too that the Thai recipes in Hindi or other languages. They are so easily accessible that you can try your hands and serve it to yourself or your family.

Some specialties about the Thai cuisines:

Deep fried chili fish. Thailand is famous for its seas and the bounty of the sea is the specialty too which comprises most of the cuisines. Deep fried chili fish is one of the many famous dishes for Thai cuisines. They are dipped in Thai sweet chili sauce which is sweet and hot. The fish is the delicacy, it is crunchy from the outside but the sauce makes it soft from within. A perfect sweet and spicy food, the crunchiness from the outer cover and the softness of the meat of the fish, you might end up making it your favourite too.

Steamed lime fish. Fishes are their specialty and they have plethora of varieties for preparing a dish of each kind. If you are a sea food lover, this dish is going to leave you at awe. They steam the whole of the sea bass in a sour and tangy lime sauce, with perfectly sliced chilis. They garnish it so well with coriander leaves and chili’s that the plate will be empty in no time. The sour tangy feel of the sauce with the spicy chili’s and the moist fish is an ecstatic delicacy to try.

Shrimp lemongrass salad. Thai dishes are known for their usage of lemongrass. It not only enhances the taste of the food but also adds the aroma in it, which is to go gaga for. Lemongrass also does the work of the finishing touch in your cuisine. It is mostly boiled to get the flavour or is sliced very thin because too much of it can ruin the dish. They are very healthy too. Shrimp lemongrass is a very refreshing dish because of the ingredients in it, it a must try because of the blend of taste and goodness.

Cabbage with pork and egg sounds so not exciting and basic but the Thai cuisine makes it worth the money. They make the dish with the fried cabbage and add slices of pork and eggs, in a big flame using oil. The cabbage gets fried and the pork and the scrambled egg add the texture to the taste. Thai food recipes in Hindi can be your guide to make this easy yet comforting dish.