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Limit Number of Post Displayed in Blogger Mobile View

If you are using blogger based on old themes in mobile vew {m=1}sometimes Number of Post displayed in our main page is wrong, not showing limited number of post as we set in Blog setting main page. Usually this happen if we set number of displayed post lower than 5 (five).

Example: if we set only display 3 (three) post in main page, it will showing a looping post as declared in settings correctly, but when we see our blog in mobile view it will show 5 post minimum.

The solution is to give some logic operator in <b:loop>.

Go to Theme then pick Edit HTML and go to Blog1 widget by clicking "Jump to Widget" an choose Blog1, after that click ... to expand "Main" part of the widget.

Limit Number of Post Displayed in Blogger Mobile View

Now, find loop tag code

<b:loop values='data:posts' var='post' >

Then we give second rules with Range Operator  limit so the numbered post displayed not exceed that limit. In below example we give rules to loop only 2 post only.

<b:loop values='data:posts limit 2' var='post' >