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How To Earn Money Using Facebook Page

Communities in social networks can be created with completely different goals. For example, it can be communicated on interests in a circle of like-minded people or colleagues in the shop, popularization of some ideas or knowledge, rendering technical support to users, attracting donations for charitable organizations, etc.

How To Earn Money Using Facebook Page

Thus, it is not at all necessary that one or another page or group should set some commercial goals. However, part of the community administrators eventually comes to the idea of ​​the need to monetize their communities. What are the ways to make money on Facebook pages? What can advise such administrators or page owners?

1. Sell your products or services

Promoting your products or services is a basic direction that Facebook offers for business. By developing its page and gaining a target audience on it, a company or brand gets the opportunity to regularly interact with its potential and existing customers, inform them, form and – sell them their products or services.

And it can be done both for free (thanks to the correctly selected content and audience), and for a fee (using the very developed advertising opportunities of Facebook), which, however, is quite affordable even for small businesses.

2. Earn by advertising other people’s products or services through affiliate programs

You can also sell other people’s products and services on your Facebook page (unless this is contrary to the principles of your business).

At the same time, the categories of products or services offered should correspond to the subject of the fan page and the specifics of its audience. That is, it should be something directly or indirectly related to the page theme, or some useful related product.

The principle of work of the affiliate program is to ensure that the client navigates through your affiliate link from the Facebook page to the partner’s site and there (immediately or within a certain period) makes a purchase. For this purchase, your partner will charge you a specified percentage of the sale.

Affiliate programs there are a great many. I can, for example, recommend this partner service, as well as this one.

On these sites, you first need to register. Then find the “Catalog” section and, having looked through the available affiliate programs, find the most suitable ones for your page. Well, then connect to the selected affiliate programs and start advertising them using your affiliate links.

In addition to the aforementioned partner services, there are so-called CPA systems. The difference between CPA-models and traditional partner services is that they can earn money not only for sales, but also for registration. Accordingly, the average earnings on a single client in a CPA are usually less, but the number of clients is much greater.

From partner CPA systems I can recommend, for example, this partner network.

3. Use the page as a source of traffic for your site

If, in addition to the business page on Facebook, you have your own website, then this greatly expands your earning potential.

This model of page monetization is as follows.

Announcements of interesting materials posted on your site are regularly published on the Facebook page. Subscribers and some of their friends, seeing these posts in their feed, go to the site and read these materials, watch videos, photos, etc. At the same time, part of the site visitors will click on the ad units and banners placed on the site, and then make purchases or register.

In ad units and banners, anything can be advertised: your products or services, partner products, products from CPA networks. Also on sites often place blocks with contextual advertising.

The more visitors per month you have on the site (including Facebook), the more you can earn with it.

4. Publish advertising posts for money

Although creating fan pages on Facebook for the purpose of selling advertising is not the best idea (since, unlike VKontakte, third-party advertising on pages is prohibited by the “Terms of Use of Pages”), in fact for many entertainment pages this is one of the main articles earnings

Depending on the subject, geography, quantity and “quality” of subscribers and a number of other conditions, one advertising post can cost from 300 to 1500 rubles or more. Accordingly, if you regularly publish paid posts, you can earn, albeit not very big, but still tangible money.

5. Sell the page

If you managed to create a popular page on any topic, but you do not want to continue to deal with it, you can try to sell it. (Naturally, this does not apply to fan pages of companies, brands or personalities, since they are inextricably linked with their “owners”). Well, of course, such earnings will be a one-time.

I want to immediately emphasize that according to Facebook’s “User Agreement”, you are not entitled to transfer your account (including any Page or application you are administering) to anyone without prior written permission from Facebook. So if you decide to sell your page, it will be purely at your own peril and risk.

There are no specific pricing on the Facebook page. You will need to find something to push off from.

The best option is to proceed from how much money your business page brings in monthly. If you can demonstrate your earnings to a potential buyer, it will greatly simplify the process of convincing the buyer, since he will understand how much time will be paid off.

So these were five options for making money through business pages on Facebook. If you come up with some other way to monetize, let us know.