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Blogger Operator Intro

In programing language, Operator is a character that tells the compiler or interpreter to perform specific mathematical, relational or logical operation and produce the final result. In short, an operator is a character that represents an action. Blogger has own operator that can be used in Blogger language XML scripting. they are:

Arithmetic Operator

Arithmetic operator is a mathematical function that takes two operands and performs a calculation on them. They are used in common arithmetic that can be used within equations to perform a number of types of sequential calculation. Arithmetic operators in Blogger include: Addition +, subtraction -, multiplication *, division /, and modulo %.


Comparison Operator

The Comparison operator is a binary operator that takes two operands whose values are being compared, where the result of the comparison decides whether execution should proceed. They form the key to program flow control, known as conditional processing.  Comparison operators in Blogger language include: Equality operator == or eq, Inequality operator != or neq, Less than relational operator < or lt, Greater than relational operator > or gt, Less than or equal to relational operator <= or lte, Greater than or equal to relational operator >= or gte.


Concatenate Operator

Concatenation Also known as string concatenation, in the context of programming, is the operation of joining two strings together. The term"concatenation" literally means to merge two things together. The symbol is plus +. The string "Snow" and "ball" after joining operation is "Snowball".


Lambda Operator

The lambda operator => is used in the lambda expression to separate the input variables on the left side from the lambda body on the right side. Lambda expression is an anonymous function that can use to create object or expression tree types. In Blogger, exist 7 Operator to work with a lambda expression, they are any, all, none, filter, first, map and, count].


Logical Operator

Logical operators are used in decision-making statements, which determine the path of execution based on the condition specified as a combination of multiple Boolean expressions. They are helpful in generating efficient code by ignoring unnecessary logic and saving execution time, especially in logical expressions where multiple conditional operators are used. Blogger logical operator includes: and aka &&, or aka ||, not aka !.


Membership Operator

Membership operator is the operator to define a statement if this object belongs to or present in the operand. Blogger has two membership operator: in and contains


Range Operator

The terms range in blogger is a used in an Array. The range operator can descript the upper and lower bound of an array. The operator exists in Blogger are: limit, skip and to, its useful to make a dynamic view of the page that contains multiple posts.


ResizeImage Operator

The operator work to automatically resize an image that is hosted within Google. such as, Image that uploaded inside Blogger, Google Photos, Picassa, even Youtube Thumbnail.


Snippet Operator

Snippet operator works like a summary. It can make long character shorter based on settings that are set in this operator.


Ternary Operator

The ternary operator is an operator that takes three arguments. The first argument is a comparison argument, the second is the result upon a true comparison, and the third is the result upon a false comparison. In short, this operator works as a shortened way of writing a conditional if/else statement.


URL Constructor Operator

This operator works like Concatenate operator who joins two string, but this operator is designed to work with an URL when the page is rendered. We can give a parameter, modify a path or even give a fragment (#) to the URL.