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7 ways to make money on Facebook

7 ways to make money on Facebook

 If you want to make money on the Internet from scratch, you can:

1) Create a thematic community for resale. There are groups whose market value is tens of thousands of dollars. Use the traditional "monetary" areas: furniture, health, interior, business, fashion, women, real estate, telephones, medicine, children, games, household appliances, construction, cars, tourism, beauty and politics. It is necessary to enter these markets today, be the first and you will succeed.

2) Earn from file hosting. We create a fan page of a popular TV series, upload new series to file sharing sites. Of the 10,000 fans, 3000 people download the maximum, if the file hosting service pays $ 5-10 for 1000 downloads, then 1 episode a day will bring you $ 15-30. If we add more free apps and books here, we’ll get a substantial amount.

3) Advertise on your fan page or in a group 4) Place paid links

5) Create applications or games. For a modest fee, you can hire a freelancer for this. Just correctly decide on the idea. For example, a Russian programmer earned $ 60,000 for his application “where I was”

6) Place ads in created applications and games. For example, if you take a look at the Internet radio application, then you will advertise any product or company.

7) Create and promote your information product, targeted at a specific target audience, as well as promotion of affiliate programs.