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Blogger resizeImage Operator

The resizeImage operators are useful when we want to ensure that an image is displayed in a suitable size. Generally this will be used to get a cropped thumbnail of an image If the ratio is provided, or to create a responsive image.

Blogger resizeImage and sourceSet Syntax

resizeImageResize an imagesresizeImage(imageURLnewSize"Ratio")
sourceSetCreate responsive imagessourceSet(imageURL[array newSize]"Ratio")

Supported imageURL:

URLs for images hosted by Google through Blogger , Picasa , GooglePhotos, and thumbnails of YouTube can be used with these parameters.

Blogger Operator [resizeImage]

  • imageURL can be from blogger expression or Image URL listed on supported image url above. If used with Image URL as value, it must be wrapped with Double Quote'
  • newSize is the new size based on width
  • "Ratio" wrapped with double quote. Is the integer ratio of the image "1:1" or "4:3" or "16:9" or "1200:630", etc. If this ratio is present, the image will be cropped. The right hand ratio cannot be higher than the left hand such as "320:640".

Blogger Operator [resizeImage] Example


<img expr:src='resizeImage(data:post.featuredImage, 128, "1:1")'/>

Try to insert above code right below <b:includable id='post' var='post'> The result of operation is, image will be cropped as square ratio 128x128.


<img expr:src='resizeImage("", 640, "640:240")'/>

URL of the image is wrapped with double quotes, The result of operation is, image will be resized to 640px width and cropped to 640x240px.

Blogger Operator [sourceSet]

sourceSet is operator used in srcset attribute, is HTML attribute which allows us to tell the Browser to specify different kind of images for different screen-sizes or orientation or display-types based on different condition.

<img> tag can't work alone with srcset attribute. we still need the src attribute. In short, we have two attribute in single <img> tag, src and srcset.

The operator sourceSet syntax almost like the operator resizeImage, the different is on the newSize part. In this part we set multiple image width dimension separated by comma.


<img expr:src='data:post.featuredImage'

     expr:srcset='sourceSet(data:post.featuredImage, [256,512,945,1684])'/>


<img src=''

     expr:srcset='sourceSet("", [256, 512, 945, 1684])'/>