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How To Install Google Play Store in Huawei

These three steps will teach you how to solve it. In recent years, more and more people travel abroad during the Spring Festival. After reading the guide, I found that Google Maps, Google Translate, YouTube, and other Google applications are all necessary for travel. So how to install the Google app on Huawei phones? How to use Google Family Bucket on Huawei phones after installation? The following three steps will teach you how to solve it!

How To Install Google Play Store in Huawei

1. Determine whether your Huawei phone is equipped with Google Service Framework

“Settings”-“Application Management”-“”Display System Process”:-Search for “Google”:

If the “Google Service Framework” in the red box in the figure appears, it means that the Huawei mobile phone has a built-in GMS framework, and you can continue to step 2. If you can’t find it, you need to search “How to install the GMS framework on Huawei mate30” on Baidu and install Google framework first according to the first tutorial.

2. Install Google Play App Store

Baidu search for “app treasure”, search “Google Play” in the official website of app treasure-“normal download”-download application-install application

3. Install the Google app

Since Google has withdrawn from mainland China, it requires an overseas network environment to use Google applications. After the mobile phone is connected to the overseas network, open Google Play, register and log in to the Google account, search and install Google Map, Google Translate and other applications can be installed and used normally.

About overseas networks:

1. The overseas network connection can be achieved through the country’s network, such as local Wi-Fi, local operator SIM card mobile data, or purchase of local Huawei Skyline package.

2. The overseas roaming service of the domestic operator’s SIM card cannot access the Google server (the roaming mobile data still accesses the domestic network).

3. Some regional networks may have restrictions on access to Google servers, and there are also situations where access to Google servers may not be possible, and you need to confirm with the operation.

The above is the guide for installing Google apps on Huawei mobile phones. If you don’t know how to use Google apps on Huawei phones, you can refer to this solution.